Donate to the Trust

We welcome donations which can be made over the counter at an HSBC branch or by Cheque made payable to The Dannyboy trust and sent to the address in contact us.

If you can think of ways to help raise funds then use the feedback tab and leave us a message. 

We have PayPal, you may have noticed that we removed the donation buttons for a few days, this was due to PayPal running a security check on the site to ensure we had the correct accounts and we were a legitimate Trust, we passed with flying colours and all reinstated.
We hope to have items for sale soon as well
to donate to the trust click on the link below and follow instructions.
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You will start to find DBT collection boxes around the Island they have the DBT logo on them easy to see.
Rodney Holkham,
9 Jan 2013, 07:10