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The Journey Home.

From the moment we were informed about the death of Danny the journey to date has been long and hard and will continue to be life changing in so many ways, the pictures here are a small visual diary of The Journey home for Danny. starting with the MOD anouncement and Tribute. using the link below. 


        Repatriation at RAF Lyneham       the trip through Woottan Bassett 

 Danny's Mum & Dad with Matthew


   Nikki Danny's girlfriend and friends

         Danny's Older brother Matthew                younger brother Andrew
both Matthew and Andrew served with Danny and were in Helmand together.
Once through Wootton Bassett the coffins are taken to the Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.
The final part of the Journey home was the funeral, this was held in the family home village of Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey Kent, this was one of the most emotional days of many lives, the whole Island came out to pay their respects to this young man and so many people lined the streets and attended the service below are some of the images of that day.

The Hearse traveling through Sheerness on his way home. 


The Hearse arriving at All Saints Church Eastchurch, many people lined the street to pay their respects.


Matthew and Andrew carried their Brother into Church.


For those listening to the service outside, it was a very emotional time.


Standing at the grave side the last part of The Journey Home


The final Military Salute 18 guns by his      comrades.   



Daniels Cap and Belt given to Mum and Dad, and the flag that he believed in so much and gave his life defending,

 home now forever Son.