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Danny Boy

In this section will be a short pictorial diary of Danny from early age to the last photo we have of him, this is to try and show how this young boy grew into a man.

Camber sands they did love the sand
Matt at the rear this time and Danny taking point.

Danny ready for his first day at Eastchurch Primary

Danny Boy had a temper when he wanted 


First trip away with Scout's 

Graduation day at Harrogate foundation college 

Once the laughter started it was hard to stop him
He found his soul mate Nikki

The pose

Danny and Nikki were made for each other

Pre Operational tour excercise in Kenya
Afghanistan 1 month into tour
Afghanistan Just before r and r
At home for the last time, on
 r and r we spent good time with him and Nikki, we gave him a hug and kiss said it won't belong before your home and please keep your head down as he walked out the door and int0 the car we had no idea that we would never see him again

There are so many things we wished we had done and said but we can't now, so we dedicate the time we have left to honour his memory with this Trust.

This photo was sent to us by a comrade it was shortly before he died the puppy was a stray that they took under their wing he looked as though he was enjoying the company

The boy has become a man, we know this picture is after he returned to duty and a while after at that because he had the tattoo done after leaving us at the end of r and r just before he flew back and the tattoo looks clean so must be Feb or March.


This is the last photo we have of Danny, the time stamp on the photo was 18th March, 9 days before he died.

Our son had a pretty full life and fulfilled his wish to be a soldier it is a lose that we can never get over.

We miss him every minute of the day we talk as though he is still with us and we will honour his memory at every chance.

We still have and love 3 sons and always will.

"Swift & Bold"