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The Dannyboy Trust Trustee's  and how we know each other.

Tracy Holkham & Rodney Holkham

Pretty simple we are Danny's Mum and Dad,  we are just 2 working people live on and have lived on the Island all our lives, we had 3 sons early in our married lives and have not regretted it a bit, as all parents know things do not allways go as you may have liked but we watch our children grow and develope into what we hope are strong, self motivated individuals who are ready for the long slog that life is, having the 3 all within 3 years was a bit of a challenge but one we enjoyed, the day that they came to us and told us that they all wanted to go into the Army, now that did set us back a bit.  At first we were not sure what to do, do we try talking them out of it or not.

We spoke about the good and obvious bad points of it but they were determined to go in Danny especially as he had always wanted to.  We set about helping them as much as we could and watched them over the next couple of years develope beyond belief into very self confident young men.

The news came that all the boys were going to Afghanistan and all within a couple of weeks of each other and that they were all going to Helmand, we didn't know what to do then it is amazing the way emotions hit you and believe me the coming months were a real test on both us individualy and on our marriage as the strain of not sleeping and jumping at every phone call and knock on the door.

During the boys r and r which they had at different times all just after Christmas 2010 we made as much as we could of having them home truely a very happy period but again they got back on the plane and away to war.

Danny was first to go out in September 2009 so he should have been the first back again they would have returned home within a couple of weeks of each other,  we decided to spruce the bedrooms up as they had suffered a pretty torrid time of it and so we stripped the bedrooms and starting painting them, Danny was about 10 days from walking through the door, i remember it very well Tracy was away for the day in London and i was up a ladder with a paint roller it was Saturday 27 March 15:00 and the door was knocked very hard, i remember thinking that it was not a usual knock as you get used to those who are often round, and when i answered it there he stood smart dress and very upright i knew, my heart sank i went cold the only thing i didn't know was which one of my sons, he said Mr Holkham father of Daniel that was it life changed for ever the rest has been widely reported, all i can say is this trust is about helping other young people through their involvement in after school clubs sports and many other activities that the young take part in, our son enjoyed many clubs etc and with out these i don't think he would have been the splendid man he became, we are determined to keep his memory alive by helping other youngsters in our community.

Matthew Holkham & Andrew Holkham

Daniels brothers and fellow serving soldiers,  3 brothers lived life together, and were with each other at this most devastating time.

Iain Maxstead

Where to start..... I have known the family for about 14 yrs grand parents first Robin and Pat, then through Les Byrne I met Tracy with the boys at Leslye's son Jake's birthday party, and then again at Range Rovers as Rod was treasurer. The boys Matt Dan and Goo I met again at summer beach trips and games days run by Rod, with Jake and Freddie.
Danny and I had reason to meet one day at school when he was injured in the goal mouth I took him to be sorted then home, that was probably, the 1st time I met every one together, and became a point of contact with the school for the boys along side Jake & Fred, Tracy & I have worked together a few times over the years.
Following years I have been on the silver box watch lol , and just been about in general, when the boys all signed up I was so pleased for them as I knew it would give them the training for life, I never thought of them as soldiers going to war, how little I knew, I have learnt so much since then, I have gained an utter respect for the armed services and above all gained an utter respect for the family of friends I have.
My support to the family and the DBT is without question, my pride is being able to call them all friends and I am proud to have known Danny grow from a young lad to a proud respectful soldier.
Iain Maxstead

Leslye Mott

I have been a friend to Tracy, Rod and the boy's for many years, i also attended college with Tracy for child group training.  Our children grew up together going to the same schools and during the summer we would spend lots of days together at Leysdown on the football field, all the kids and the Nan's and Granddad's would all join in playing games of all types, Rod was always the ref and what he said always went.  My boys played in the same football teams as Matt, Danny and Gooey for Range Rovers Fc, we spent many weekends on the sidelines screaming and shouting in support for them all.  I had Xmas dinner with Tracy and Rod this year albeit very quiet with the boy's away and then had a second Xmas dinner with Tracy, Rod Danny and Nikki when he was on R and R in the New Year, this was much happier.

I was with Rod shortly after he got the horrible knock on the door with the news about Danny and i could see that from that moment their lives had changed forever, i feel it has brought us even closer together as friends.  Danny is a true hero as are his brothers and they are all a great family to us.

Andy Hyland


Simone Dowse

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